SEO support for new websites

Make sure your new website is everything you want it to be, without losing the value of your old one.

Getting a new website? Exciting times! A whole new look and feel, and improved functionality, is always something to look forward to. But don’t neglect all the value that’s accrued in your old website – you don’t want to throw all that away in your rush to have something new and shinier!

How we help

Our Website Optimisation team know the thrill, and the stress, involved in a new website build. They can work with you from the very start to make sure all changes are carefully managed to minimise loss in search engine rankings, traffic and business.

We work closely with your developers, designers and creatives from the beginning of the project to the final post-launch checks, and we can support you with ongoing SEO if needed. All of this will ensure your site works for both search engines and users, meaning it will work effectively for your business.

Typical stages

The exact nature of your project will depend on budget and level of involvement required.

  • Input into new site brief or technical & functional spec
  • Search term analysis
  • Site architecture
  • Wireframe review
  • Redirect mapping
  • Pre-launch review (technical, tracking and optimisation)
  • Copy optimisation
  • Migration support and post-launch checks