Automated CRM Marketing

Take your lead nurturing to the next level with our advanced marketing suite.

Automation+ is an advanced marketing suite, which will take your campaigns to next level. The market-leading automation functionality and bespoke features will truly revolutionise your marketing.

What is it?

But wait, what even is this automation marketing stuff? Well, 49% of businesses are now using marketing automation to streamline their online activity, implementing workflows that mean lead nurturing takes care of itself.

How does it work?


Use Automation+ functionality to create a high-converting landing page in minutes, without the need to invest in costly designers.



Publish your landing pages to the web or Facebook with just one click! Our simple set-up process means you don’t need to get any developers involved.


Lead scoring lets your sales team know which leads are the most valuable, based on their relevance, interactions with your brand and social media profiling.



Once your workflows have been created, your system will take care of itself, giving you more time to spend on generating leads and, ultimately, increasing conversion rates.



Adjust your approach and improve your ROI in real time based on the results of your campaigns. Track activity by date, device, source or geographical location.



Easily connect with over 500 business critical web apps and services, in particular your marketing and CRM software.


Event capture

Automation+ can even ensure your events are hassle free. We can provide everything you need to ensure your attendees are greeted in style and experience a paperless, hassle-free registration!