In today’s mobile-first world, your audience are spending more time in apps and less time in search engines.

Many of your potential customers will have discovered which brands fulfil their needs, chosen their favourite and made a purchase without ever bothering to visit one of those website things. And for bonus points, effective social media accounts also increase your website’s authority, making it more visible in search engines, so you’ve got all the bases covered.

Communicating to customers

With social media, the clue is in the name – your customers use these channels to talk to people they care about and learn about things they’re interested in. You don’t want to be the person that turns up to the party and bangs on about himself all night until everyone is hiding in the kitchen to avoid him. We work to understand your target audience, the platforms they use and the content they need, so that we can help you build a meaningful relationship with them through the kind of engagement that will make you the popular one at any gathering!

Online reputation management

Our online listening tools enable us to track all mentions of your brand, and key competitors, to identify any opportunities or potential problems as soon as they arise. We can also identify and build relationships with key online publications and influencers that will help grow your brand.

Social media advertising

Our social team work closely with our paid search team to develop highly targeted advertising campaigns to support your business objectives and reach new customers.