DMH Stallard is an award-winning, full service law firm with offices in Brighton, Gatwick, Guildford and London.

We are as passionate about winning and passionate about client, and from the moment you walk through our door you’ll have access to a diverse team of expert lawyers and planners who are all working towards achieving success for you.

Our years of dealing with companies that range from start ups to blue chips, entrepreneurs to SMEs, give us not just legal experience, but also the specialist industry insight to support you through every commercial challenge.

At DMH Stallard you will also find a firm commitment to innovation and transparency – from client-focused technology platforms and transparent pricing structures to non-legal account managers, there to work hand-in-hand with you every step of the way. Such commitments are driven from the very top of our business. All work is partner-led and supported by a highly professional team.

So, whether you require legal advice in your corporate or private life, you’ll get the right people giving you the advice you need to achieve your ambitions.

For more information please contact Abigail Owen, Partner, on 01293 605022 or